Create engaging stories

You need to tell your story in the most impactful way for the medium. Copy, visuals, animation and video – we make your brand come alive. We help you create stories in a way that connects with audiences in the digital age.

What makes us a great content partner?

  • We are experienced in communications and marketing
  • We know how to get the best from our content creation team
  • We direct all content to make sure it aligns with your brand and message
  • We have copywriters, journalists, video experts, animators and designers on our team who create exceptional work
  • We are highly creative and imaginative
  • Our experts are affordable to fit in with the SME budget


DIRECTION & PLANS - We manage the entire content creation process for you.

Our imaginative creative and planning process gives you content plans and calendars aligned to what will resonate with your audiences, your business goals and brand positioning.

WRITING – We create excellent written work.

From press articles, product brochures, ebooks, training programmes, sales kits, company profiles, social posts to speeches and presentations: you name it, we can write it. If you need creative, succinct, professional written content created with purpose, we are the team for you.

VISUAL DESIGNS - We create designs that have impact.

We are creative and strategic which allows us to shape the right visual story for the medium and audience.  From social media posts, to the creative design of marketing and sales collateral or any other communications that requires visuals to tell your story, we have the imagination and skills to create it.

ANIMATION - We create animations that stand out.

We create affordable animations for websites and social media channels. Our service includes a scriptwriter/director who sets the scene and ensures your short 15, 30 or 60 second animation catches the attention of audiences quickly and with impact.

VIDEO - We create affordable videos for SMEs.

Our video service meets the needs of the digital age – attention grabbing, short and punchy! For us less is more, but quality still prevails. We specialise in videos for the digital age, allowing you to showcase your company, knowledge, products and people in the most effective way.

DRONE VIDEOS & PHOTOGRAPHY - Capture your stories from the air.

We have introduced a drone service which allows you to capture your stories from the air. Whether it’s your office, property, event or time lapse footage you need, we have the skills and equipment to do it affordably.


So those who matter know your name

Great communication is about telling your story in the most captivating ways so that you stand out from the clutter and get noticed. This philosophy lies at the heart of how we approach Public Relations for your business. We constantly create great stories about your business, people and products for maximum impact.

What makes us a great PR partner?

  • We position your business in the right way for maximum impact
  • We understand business
  • We have specialist knowledge in ICT, Healthcare, FMCG and Law amongst others
  • We have strong media contacts
  • We are highly responsive
  • We are on point with our messages
  • We develop a high level of trust with our clients
  • We leverage the power of traditional and digital mediums


POSITIONING - We develop strategic positioning for businesses and individuals.
We know that how you are positioned is critical to attracting the right customers. We help you develop the right messages; from your business identity, value proposition, unique selling propositions to the creation of your website, profiles, videos and any other communication necessary to tell your story in the right way.
REPUTATION MANAGEMENT & CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS – We use our tried-and-tested crisis methodology to limit the impact of a reputational crisis.


Our decades of expertise in reputation management has allowed us to develop a risk framework and crisis communications methodology to help you manage and get ahead of a crisis. We were selected by leading Insurance underwriters Camargue, as the consultancy on record to handle all crisis for their clients which includes top restaurant chains, health and beauty chains and tourism entities, amongst others. Our CEO, Janine Lloyd is considered one of the top crisis experts in South Africa and regularly leads workshops and conferences on the topic in Africa.

PUBLICITY AND MEDIA LIAISON – We get you into the media.


We have developed a proven model of media strategies that work and will add huge value to your business. The credibility you get by being featured in the media is unmatched. The visual opportunity of you standing with Gareth Cliff at an interview at CliffCentral is massive. Or what about meeting a potential client with a copy of Finweek in which your business is featured? What about when a company Googles your business and loads of articles pop up on Page 1?

We have personal Relationships with the media from broadcast to online and print and know how to position your business to get the press it deserves.

Checkout some of our press for clients here:

CNBC Africa, How artificial intelligence can be used to create value for companies

Sunday Times, My Brilliant Career

CliffCentral Pivotal, Future CEO’s Cliff Central Zinia, Future CEO’s

Entrepreneur Magazine, You need to simplify

Entrepreneur Online, Why partnerships will make or break your business

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - We get you in front of people that matter.
Positioning you with the right people – from prospects to partners – is a great way to build your business.  We have Relationships with conference and event organisers as well as business groups, and can get you in front of the right people to showcase your expertise.
PARTNERSHIPS – We find partners who will help you grow your business.
We help you develop relationships with other brands and businesses to position your business in the right way and widen your brand exposure.


We use the right channels to get your business out there

A great social presence allows you to position your business, connect with the right people and build communities to tell your story. We know which channels work and how they will work for you. We understand the intricacies of communicating in the social world and know how to get maximum impact for your business.

What makes us a great social partner?

  • We are conversationalists at heart so we know how to communicate in the right way
  • We are content creators so we know how to make content that is interesting
  • We are reputation masters so we understand how avoid and manage a social crisis
  • We know who the right influencers are and engage with them in the right way


STRATEGY & PLANNING – We plan for exponential success.
We apply our collective minds and expertise to develop a strategy for each of your chosen social channels, because we know that each one requires a unique approach. We ensure goals are set and measured on a monthly basis to provide ongoing input into the success and challenges in the social space. Our approach is iterative and our aim is to beat each goal on a monthly basis through organic and paid approaches.
SET UP YOUR CHANNELS – We position you and your business for success.
We ensure that your channels have the right message and visuals for maximum impact. We know how important it is that all social channels sing off one clear and resounding hymn sheet.
INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENTS – We have connections with digital influencers.
We have connections with all types of digital influencers, from celebrities to bloggers to TV presenters and radio DJs and we know the right way to get Word of Mouth spreading.
CONTENT CREATION – We create stories that stand out.
Our team of innovative social and editorial specialists develop a content calendar using a variety of content approaches. We generate original written, visual and multimedia content for maximum impact, always ensuring they resonate with target audiences. We share good news generated through our PR or your PR efforts and continually come up with new ideas so your pages do not go stale.
ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITIES – We ensure your reputation is properly managed.
Because we are reputation and PR experts we know what to say and how to say it. We do not have juniors working on your pages but experts who understand the intricacies of communication. We have the in-house expertise to deal with crises and manage reputational issues for people, businesses and brands.


Attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers

We have a team of top marketing experts who understand and have experience in both the traditional  and digital world. From setting up your digital marketing strategy or implementing it on a monthly basis we know we can add huge value to your business.

What makes us a great marketing partner?

  • We have copywriters who know how to get your message across
  • We have designers who know how to get maximum impact for your campaigns
  • We understand technology methods including marketing automation and CRM tools to execute measurable and trackable campaigns
  • We have marketing managers with experience and knowledge for you to tap into the right way


STRATEGY & PLANNING – Find ways to stand out from the crowd.
We understand the business world and know how to create successful strategies that get results. We also know that your marketing efforts must be consistent to generate returns over and over again. We work with you as your partner to understand your business, assess the gaps and plug the holes, making digital marketing work effectively for you.
WEBSITE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT – Websites that work for marketing.
Your website is the most important platform to make your digital marketing strategies work. We will help you to revamp your current site or create a new one in a matter of weeks. We also have the skills to create affordable mobile apps for your business.
Our marketing managers will work with you to create innovative campaigns that will resonate with your target audiences. We will implement them quickly with our team, actively tracking and measuring results to inform the next campaign. We also know how to tie these campaigns in with your traditional marketing activities for greater impact.
SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING – Elevate your brand and get out there.
You need to advertise in social media in a planned and targeted way to get results. We understand which methods work, the results you are likely to expect and how to target audiences for maximum impact.
SEO & GOOGLE ADWORDS – Grow your business through search.
Our digital gurus work with our content creators and PR Experts to get you to Page 1 on Google. We know how to ensure your website and content gets properly ranked and that you come up in the right search terms.
LINKEDIN CAMPAIGNS – Connect with the right people.
Our social geniuses work on your behalf tirelessly behind the scenes to connect you with people on LinkedIn to build Relationships, partnerships and further your sales efforts.
EMAIL MARKETING – It’s all about the content.
For us email marketing should not be about what you are trying to sell, but to build relationships with your target audiences. The days of firing off sales emails and spamming are over, these methods land up in the trash. We view email marketing as a series of valuable connections to nurture leads and ultimately bring people into the sales pipeline. We are not an email distribution company, but we strategically help you to use email as one of the channels to connect with the right prospects.
MARKETING AUTOMATION – Your virtual sales force.
Together with our technology partners The Virtual Edge, we help small to medium sized businesses create a virtual digital sales force. We use marketing technology to design a sales funnel that attracts A-Grade clients and puts all your processes on automation. Set this process up once and use it again and again – it is completely repeatable!


We help you, your teams and your business communicate better!

Our courses have been developed by the experts based on tried and tested methods that work. Learn from the best with our packaged workshops, individual coaching or let us design a workshop tailored to your specific needs.

Your workshop leader

Janine Lloyd is an entrepreneur and expert in her field. With 27 years leadership experience in the marketing and communications industry, she has established a reputation for developing engaging professional training, coaching and workshops. She is also a RESULTS trained business and executive coach and has hosted many workshops throughout Africa as well as facilitated in-house company workshops.


Marketing and Branding for the Entrepreneur

This innovative workshop gives entrepreneurs all the tools and knowledge you need to know to market and brand your business for success. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, marketing is critical to taking your business forward. Our experienced marketing coaches will show you tried-and-tested ways to take your business to market, even if you know nothing about marketing. Our small workshops are designed to give you specific and personal attention so we can help address any challenges you may have with your marketing and branding.

Speaking and Presenting Skills 101
This workshop includes a combination of teaching and practical exercises to get you or your teams comfortable with presenting in front of groups. Our years of experience will be imparted with practical tips and techniques for creating killer presentations, speaking well and making an impression on audiences. We also do one-on-one coaching with executives who don’t have the time to attend a workshop and who need specific techniques.
Media Training

This workshop will teach your spokespeople to understand the media and be better prepared when being interviewed by print journalists, radio or on Television. This workshop includes a combination of teaching and practice exercises with real journalists and a television crew.

LinkedIn Training
Our knowledge in conducting LinkedIn campaigns will be imparted to business owners, marketing executives or sales teams who want to build connections with specific people. People do business with people and this workshop will equip you to understand the rules of engagement and learn how to use LinkedIn as a marketing and sales tool.
Communications Workshops and Coaching
Many people are promoted or hired who have little communications training, through a mix of workshops and individual coaching, managers will discover how to communicate effectively, learn how to get the best from their direct reports and develop a communication style that will increase productivity as well as trust.
Crisis Communications Workshops
Reputations take years to build and yet can be destroyed in seconds. In this workshop teams will learn how to create a well-documented, actionable, understood and tested response and crises communications framework. They will be given a tried-and-tested method to handle and recover from crisis situations as well as participate in a team roleplay where they will practice the techniques learnt on a real life situation.  Companies are judged by their response to a crisis and it is essential that all key executives know what to do and how to react.