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Interview Generation

Getting media interviews is tough and depends on the newsworthiness of your angle. We know what will and won't work to motivate for a successful interview. And we know how to prepare you for an interview so that you rock and keep the media coming back for more.

Having dealt with a variety of media over the years we know how to create relevant pitches to secure interviews with your target media.

Each media channel is completely different and requires a tailored approach based on their calendars, daily news, features and audiences.

We will create pitches that get noticed, but we will also be honest with you if the story is not relevant.

Our intelligent news approach means we are constantly reading news sources, relevant blogs, social media, watching TV and listening to the radio to find topics and news where you can provide comment and get featured. This is what we call our live newsroom approach.

We provide you with:

  • Research and knowledge of the media
  • Relationships with the media
  • Ideas and hooks for media interviews
  • Pitching to media
  • Preparation for the interview
  • Training & coaching for media interviews
  • Attendance with you
  • Follow ups and monitoring

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