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Creating a Compelling Message for your Business

There are many terms we use in marketing and PR which can be confusing if you are not in the know. In this blog I unpack the why messaging is important, why you need a well-crafted Value Proposition and Unique Selling Proposition, as well as the importance of getting your message right when communicating with potential and current customers.


First let’s unpack three key reasons why people aren’t buying from you:

1. They have a clear problem but they don’t see that you have the solution.

2. The client has a problem but, you and they are not sure what it is, or that it can be solved by your company.

 3. They have zero need but down line maybe they will.

So what you say and communicate must to talk to a client’s problem or need.  The biggest mistake companies make is to communicate “What-We-Do” instead of “What’s-In-It-For-Me.”

What is your message?

Simply put, your message is what you say about your business, service or products when you market it. It is what you want your audiences to know about you. Your message is the main idea that is carried through into your marketing. But your overall message must be tied into your value proposition and USP!

In your message you need to incorporate:

Your value proposition:  Is one statement or a few persuasive reasons why people should notice you and buy from you. This statement must include the results or value a customer gets from using your products or services. In today’s market, businesses and consumers want results. Ask yourself, how do you add value to your customers through your products and services and how does that it meet their needs and wants? Your value proposition is the punch of your marketing message.

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP): If you don’t have an edge in your marketplace you will not succeed. It’s your edge that gives you your USP. If you are a “me too” offering you won’t last long. Your USP is that mysterious thing about you? It is your differentiator?  It could be your brand, a niche offering, proprietary methodology, product leadership, operational excellence or even your unique distribution channels. It is the magic of your business.

Coming up with your message is dependent solely on who your customer is and your ability to match your offering to their needs, and having a differentiator which no one else has.

Why is it important for your message to be right?

Did you know that two of the top seven reasons businesses fail is because they have no unique value proposition or sales message or they failed to communicate effectively? You need to spend time getting to understand your customers’ pains, challenges and needs. Then you need to make sure what you provide solves the problem your customers have. Then you need to clearly articulate your Value Proposition and USP clearly and state it everywhere.

Finding your Value Proposition as well as your USP can be summed up by this diagram:




A simple way is:


Message: What you want others to know about you = Value Proposition: What problem do we solve? What results/value/benefits will the customer get from my product or service + USP: What makes me different? Why should they choose me?






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