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Intelligence gathering for companies in Social Media

An interesting article from the SocialBro Blog – SocialBro is a twitter monitoring tool – outlines how Twitter can be used as a powerful information gathering tool by taking a “leaf out of intelligence agencies’ books”.

According to SocialBro intelligence agencies worldwide have been reported to be using social networking sites as sources of tactical intelligence to make social and political predictions. This comes as no surprise considering the public nature of Twitter that allows organisations to listen in to millions of conversations daily.

Here are some excerpts from the blog.


Market intelligence

PR professionals can use Twitter as an early warning system to spot market changes. Social listening on Twitter can alert you to an important trend or market development before official research or intelligence is released.

 •Set-up and monitor specific keywords that are relevant to your industry. Then create filters to only see the most relevant tweets. We recommend filtering by key influencers.

 •Tag Twitter users that are key to your industry. You can then easily monitor conversations that are likely to be valuable to your business.

 •After missing warning signs of the uprisings that became the Arab Spring of 2011, intelligence agencies became much more focused on monitoring specific regions and groups on social media sites like Twitter. Your company can use Twitter to listen to specific groups of interest with valuable information such as: customers, potential customers and even competitors.


Customer and Competitor Intelligence 

Understanding what motivates potential and current customers is probably at the top of your agenda. 

Advanced Twitter Analytics tools like SocialBro show you the interests of your collective community, providing you with a better picture of your target audience.

You can even view the interests of a certain segment, like the most influential people or those from a specific region or country. 

  • Monitor their tweets
  • Monitor their mentions

Reputation Management

Public Relations professionals can also use Social Media to gather information about what people are saying about their company or brand and provide insights into managing and protecting their reputation in the online world. 

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