PR Expert is a powerhouse business and award winning agency. We have taken on the big agencies and won because we deliver the best work in the industry. Our innovative PR, social media and digital marketing model for small to medium sized businesses is designed to take your business to the next level.

With over 50 years of combined expertise we believe that every business has a story to tell that will add value to their existing and new customers brand experience. It is our job to find the content that will make your business come alive and catch the eye of your target market.

  • We know how to position your business, people and brands for success
  • We know how to craft stories in the written, digital, visual or video mediums so that your business gets noticed and resonates with your audiences
  • We know how to market these stories effectively in social media and through digital marketing to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately boost your business
  • We know how to package these stories for media so you get the visibility you deserve


  • Energetic – Powerful in action or effect
  • Persistent – Persisting, in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement
  • Versatile – Capable and comfortable to turn from task to another reguardless of variety
  • Insightful – The ability to acutely observe and clearly percieve
  • Strategic – Art of planning and respecting the importance to strategy
  • Proactive – Controlling a situation through action not reaction
  • Daring – To have the courage to be bold and embrace it




People do business with people. Our people get excited about working with business owners who share our passion and vision. Who are willing to do what it takes to drive results and advance their business together. That is why all our clients are carefully selected, because we know the power of a true collaborative approach.

We have the best, experienced people in the industry working on your business. Our model is unique and if you become our client we will share the secret to our success. Our business is made up of the best PR, Marketing, Social Media and Digital strategists who are whizzes who believe in vibrant results. Rest assured you will be in very good hands.

Every person working at and with PR Expert has a shared energy, passion and drive for success! Meet our directors below!

Janine Lloyd

I founded PR Expert was in 2013. As an entrepreneur with three decades of marketing, PR and reputation branding experience. I have advised many local and global businesses on PR, marketing, branding, reputation management, crises communications and digital strategies. I have a keen sense of leadership but believe in staying humble about all the awards and accolades I have under my belt.  Just google me and you will find out.

GOT: House Targaryen

You are a leader and know what it takes to make it. You handle responsibility well and are the best at what you do. Where you lead, others will always follow.

“I am no ordinary woman, my dreams come true.”

Daenerys Targaryen

Taryn O’Brien

I started my communications career in online journalism where I discovered my love of writing and connecting to people through the written word. Business minded, I naturally progressed into the field of Public Relations and Marketing where I have found a happy niche. A good marketing and PR practitioner knows that in today’s digital world access to your brand’s message, and reputation is a touch away from those who wish to build you up or break you down.

GOT: House Stark

You are a good person, and this is reflected in every aspect of your life. You have held yourself to a higher standard, and you always lead by example. You’re resilient and a born role model, and you will never take that for granted.

“Discipline beats numbers nine times out of ten.”

John Snow

We can brag about the clients we work with,

but we believe what they have to say is more powerful.

“PR Expert’s PR strategy and media know-how has been invaluable to Coal Stove Pictures giving us massive business value, unprecedented return on investment and multiple awards, including a Global World Award.”

Fidel Namisi

Owner, Coal Stove Pictures

“PR Expert impressed me from the word go! From the efficiency and energy in drawing up the plan, through to the execution. They have got Zinia more coverage than we could have ever imagined. PR Expert has truly gone over and above every time for me, and I would recommend anyone who’s interested in growing their business to use them.”

Warren Bonheim

CCO, Zinia

“The service and care that we have received from PR Expert has been phenomenal. We are a small firm so we did not expect the level of service we received. The influx of business has been wonderful. I highly recommend PR Expert as they have made a huge difference to our business.”

Judy Wilkins

Senior Partner, Wilkins and Associates

“PR Expert has been a great associate for many years. Our clients have always been happy with the results generated by them. The team is always organised, responsive, creative, energetic and committed to doing the best possible work for clients. They have a keen and hard-working team and I never hesitate to recommend PR Expert if people ask for a top class tech PR team in SA.”

Lyle Closs

MD Europe, Axicom

“PR Expert delivered the Public Relations X-Factor with a very limited budget. They deserved to win Campaign of the Year as it was classic Public Relations with no Above The Line support, nor an established brand/campaign over time.”

PRISMs judge Sylvester Chauke

Chief Architect, DNA Brand Architects

“Even though a liability insurance policy protects the Insured against their legal liability, there is always the risk of the Insured suffering reputational damage, following a loss. As part of Camargue’s commitment to offer a more comprehensive and innovative solution, Camargue frequently utilises the services of PR Expert. The result has been a very rewarding success story for both Camargue and its clients.”

John Stebbing

Director - General Liability, Camargue



  • SA PRISM Campaign of the year 2016 (Hear Me Move)
  • International PR (IPRA) Golden Awards Winner 2016 (Hear Me Move)
  • Gold PRISM award for PR on a Shoestring Budget 2016 (Hear Me Move)
  • Silver PRISM award for Hear Me Move 2016
  • Janine Lloyd – Top 10 most influential PR people in South Africa by the Annual
  • Gold PRISM award in the best Consumer Campaign for an existing product category (Canderel)
  • Bronze PRISM award in the best Campaign in Media Relations (Braun)
  • Bronze PRISM award in the Sponsorship and Events Category (Does My Bum Wobble)
  • Silver PRISM award in the best Corporate Social Investment campaign (Sentech)
  • Three Gold awards at the Good Food and Wine show (Canderel)
  • International Platinum PR awards finalist for the Fore Good Group and Duracell